Scoreboards and lighting / sound systems hanging above swimming pools pose major risks that need to be carefully managed. As well as the danger of equipment falling onto swimmers below, there is also the risk of electrical equipment dropping into water, with potentially catastrophic consequences. Moreover, the high-humidity atmosphere found in this environment speeds up corrosion.

To address these concerns, Guard load arrestors are frequently deployed to ensure the overhead equipment doesn't end up completing an Olympic-style dive into swimming pools, if the rig's primary support fails.

One (or more) Guard load arrestors are anchored securely above, with the cable's end fitted to the top of the equipment. Should the primary support fail for any reason, causing the set-up to fall, the trusty Guard will catch the falling equipment quickly and safely, preventing potential severe injury or death.

It's not just swimming pool installations that benefit from load arrest. Scoreboards, gymnastics equipment, signage and speaker systems have all been given secondary protection by Guard load arrestors.

Whatever you do, make sure you #GuardAgainstGravity.

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