A range of three Guard load arrestors

Guard Load Arrest Launches

Guard Load Arrest has just launched, offering durable load arrest solutions to the entertainment and industrial sectors.

The product range offers protection from 150kg to 1500kg, and developments are already underway to expand the range even further.

One of the most common uses of load arrestors is as a secondary safeguard for chain hoists. Patrick Evans, Managing Director, explains more:

EN 17206 stipulates that two independent safety solutions are required when installing electric chain hoists. Whether a hoist’s secondary brake provides the necessary level of safety comes down to your risk assessment, but we’re finding more and more that installers are deploying Guard units alongside hoists to provide a separate safeguard, should the primary system fail.”

Of course, electric chain hoists generally feature a safety brake that kicks-in if the primary brake fails. But what’s the back-up if the hoist’s chain or anchor fails? Patrick goes on to say:

“There are a few options available, one of which is to simply attach a fixed steel cable as a secondary safety solution. This would be extremely safe. However, increasingly users are abandoning this method due to the large cost of sending a rigger to detach and refix every time it is needed. Guard load arrestors are an alternative cost-effective option which overcomes this problem by providing a steel cable that automatically extends and retracts, following the movement of the load, without having to be detached.”

If the primary load bearing equipment fails, the Guard load arrestor will automatically stop the load falling, thereby preventing damage to the equipment and, more importantly, protecting the audience/performers below.


It’s not just the entertainment sector where Guards are being increasingly installed. Many industrial applications benefit from load arrest. Patrick elaborates:

“There are a huge number of applications where load arrestors provide an ideal safety solution. Do you lift or suspend equipment or materials that cannot be allowed to drop? If so, you should consider installing a Guard load arrest device as a safeguard in case the primary lifting equipment fails.”

“Production lines cannot afford lengthy shutdown periods to repair fallen equipment. A great example is how some car manufacturers depend on Guard load arrestors to protect key points in the production line; their engineers identified a risk of heavy equipment shutting-off during use, which could result in an uncontrolled fall to the workshop floor. This is where Guard Load Arrest steps in. A Guard load arrestor positioned at the right spot will automatically catch falling equipment, stopping it hitting the floor. Our products are so versatile and dependable, they’re even deployed as a safeguard for lifting radioactive materials in a certain UK nuclear power facility!”

Guard Load Arrest’s list of customers is already impressive, including O2 Academy Group and Jaguar Land Rover.

The new Guard range is available now.

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