Guard load arrest device being used to protect a drone from falling during testing.

Drone Testing with Guard Load Arrestors

When developing next-gen payload drones designed to carry heavy loads, safety during testing is critical. Our client faced the challenge of preventing their high-value drones from hitting the floor during unexpected failures. Uncontrolled movements due to motor malfunctions posed significant risks to both the drones and the testing personnel.

Enter the Guard Load Arrestor! By fitting this device above the drone's take-off position, we've provided a reliable safety net. The Guard Load Arrestor's extendable cable, attached to the drone with a shackle, follows its movements seamlessly. If the drone exceeds the Guard's maximum speed, the brake locks, catching any uncontrolled movement. This system not only prevents crashes but also ensures the safety of the testing personnel.

✅ Safer testing environments
✅ Protection for high-value drones
✅ Reduced risk of accidents

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