We've worked closely with local authorities to ensure their basketball equipment is suitably protected in their sports halls facilities. Risk assessments in some facilities highlighted the need for a safeguard against the basket's primary support failing. In some cases this was to address aging equipment, but newer sports equipment installations need careful consideration too. Will the supports withstand the shock-loading caused by a heavy 'slam-dunk' or hanging off the hoop? The forces involved can be huge. If there's any uncertainty then there's an easy solution that avoids costly sports equipment needing to be replaced in sports halls:

One (or more) Guard load arrestors should be anchored securely above the basket, with the cable's end fitted to the rear of the equipment. Should the primary support fail for any reason, causing the basket to fall, the trusty Guard will catch the falling equipment quickly and safely, preventing potential severe injury.

It's not just basketball installations that can benefit from load arrest. Scoreboards, gymnastics equipment, signage and speaker systems have all been given secondary protection by Guard load arrestors.

Whatever you do, make sure you #GuardAgainstGravity.

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