When you're material handling and the materials you're lifting simply cannot be allowed to fall, installing a Guard load arrestor delivers a simple, cost-effective safeguard.

We're proud to highlight that Guards are being used as a secondary back-up for critical pillar lifts that are used for volatile material handling to move radioactive material, within certain nuclear power plants in the UK. This is a prime example of where extreme safety is required; an ideal application for Guards. Quite simply, the Guard is anchored above the lifting area, with the cable's shackle secured to the load-bearing cradle. As the material is raised, the load arrestor's cable automatically retracts, maintaining suitable tension at all times, following the movement. This allows the material to be moved without obstruction, whilst always having a robust safeguard in-play in case the primary lifting equipment fails.

For more complicated situations, it is possible to run the Guard's cable over a pulley. This increases the maximum working load of the Guard load arrestor, but also affects the activation speed of the device. If you're not sure what you need, get in touch and we will help find the right solution.

Whatever you do, make sure you #GuardAgainstGravity.

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  • Guard load arrestor safeguarding hazardous material, whilst the material is being lifted by a crane