When Guard load arrestors are required for a one-off production or tour, users often choose to hire the equipment instead of purchasing outright. To address this growing demand, stage hire companies have been increasing the number load arrestors on their fleets over recent years.

We offer unrivalled support to the hire industry via high-regarded Globestock Ltd, who have been supplying this industry for decades. With Globestock, product servicing is quick and easy. They carry 100% spare parts back-up and the helpful staff are always on hand to speedily handle any technical enquiries you have. Guard load arrestors are ideal for hire fleets due to their superior durability and long service life. Our products stay on asset registers for longer, which allows them to offer a strong return on investment.

The demand for load arrestors is growing, so don't miss out.

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Guard load arrestors on hire, protecting speaker cabs that are suspended at height